How to get acquainted with your real self—your true abilities, your vast fund of hidden talent.
How to fill yourself with such genuine, deep-down confidence, zest and good-will that other people will be pleased to help you get what you want.


How This Book Helps You Grow Rich          9

  1. Riches: An Interpretation 19
  2. Sleep: How To Enjoy Peaceful Sleep 30
  3. Your Real Seat of Intelligence 40
  4. Man Is Mind 51
  5. Getting Acquainted with the Real You 62
  6. You Are What You Think You Are 72
  7. You Are Twice as Good as You Think You Are 82
  8. Money: A Myth 92
  9. Riches: A Matter of Consciousness 101


  1. A Study in Contrasts 111
  2. Grow Rich in All Things—While You Sleep 117
  3. Accepting the Supremacy of Mind over Matter 127
  4. Mental Exercises vs. Physical Exercises 134
  5. Thoughts Are Pictures; Pictures Are Patterns 142
  6. Your Mental Eraser 151
  7. Building a Consciousness of Success 159
  8. Discovering the Law of Abundance 168
  9. You Become Rich Right Now 177
  10. Psychosomatic Ailments: Are They Real? 185
  11. Developing a Health Consciousness 192
  12. Accentuate the Positive 202
  13. Help Yourself by Helping Others 210
  14. Electrosonic Means of Aiding You 218
  15. Your New Life of Health, Wealth and Happiness 224


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